How to Become a Sierra Club Outings Leader in 7 Easy Steps!

By Kevin Schlunegger and Marcia Cook

Ever wonder if you could lead local Sierra Club hikes and longer outings? Take it from two recently-qualified leaders, becoming a Sierra Club Outings Leader is a very rewarding experience. In 7 easy steps, you can become an O-level outings leader. O-level outings are limited to Class 1 terrain (walking and hiking) and comprise the majority of Angeles Chapter activities listed on the Chapter website.

Okay, it’s easy, but why should you do it? The Sierra Club believes that by taking people into remote and beautiful natural areas and by giving them a taste of this wild freedom, they can create an involved group of people who will care about these places and who will fight for the preservation of all natural scenic resources and important wildlife habitats. This is the primary goal of the outings program. As a leader you will have the satisfaction of sharing a new trail or area to a participant who hasn’t been there before, thus inspiring others to embrace the outdoors. Just follow these steps:

Step 1: Prerequisites: Be a current Sierra Club member and participate in five experience hikes of varying difficulty.

Step 2: Register for the Leadership Training Program (LTP) Seminar for only $25. You will be sent a copy of the Leader’s Reference Book and pre-seminar test. This is an open book test and is to be completed prior to the LTP seminar.

Step 3: Complete the open book pre-test and attend the 8-hour LTP Seminar. Topics covered include conservation, safety, hike write-up requirements, leave-no-trace camping, decision making scenarios, incident reports, and qualities of leadership.

Step 4: Complete an American Heart Association or Red Cross approved CPR & First Aid course. A list of qualifying courses will be handed out at the LTP seminar.

Step 4: Walk barefoot over burning hot coals. Just kidding! Checking to see if you’re still awake.

Step 5: Plan, publish, and lead a provisional hike. All leader candidates are encouraged to have a mentor, an experienced leader, who can help guide the candidate through the LTP process.

Step 6: Fill out the self-evaluation form about how the provisional hike went and send to Leadership Training Committee (LTC). This committee tracks each candidate and forwards the information to the Safety Committee for final approval.

Step 7: Wait 4 – 6 weeks for final approval!!!

The LTP Seminar is only offered twice a year, so don’t delay. **Register for the October 7th LTP Seminar before Sept 23rd.** 

Questions? Ask Bill Lavoie, Frank Atkin, Kevin Schlunegger or Marcia Cook for more information or visit LTP Seminar website:

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