Cut Smog!

By Al Sattler, Group Chair

Smoking Car, smoking truck, refinery flare, neighborhood stink!

Who Ya Gonna Call?

1 (800) CUT SMOG !

To report an air pollution problem (except a skunk), 800-CUT SMOG will connect you to the South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD), and they will take down the information you give them.

For refinery flares, the refinery should have already self-reported to the AQMD, but it is good to make sure.  For a neighborhood stink (other than a skunk), they may send an inspector to try to find the source, especially if several neighbors call.

For a smoking car or truck, you need the license number, make or model of the vehicle, time, date and location where it was seen.  A polite letter will be sent to the owner of the offending vehicle, urging them to get their vehicle repaired.

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