Help Safeguard our Neighborhoods from Deadly Hydrofluoric Acid!

AQMD Refinery Committee meeting 9 a.m., Sat., Sept. 22, Wilmington Middle School,1700 Gulf Ave, Wilmington. 

There will be a special meeting of the AQMD Refinery Committee Sept. 22, to develop a regulation that we hope will phase out use of HF in local refineries.  The oil refineries have exerted enormous political pressure to have a weak regulation (Rule 1410) that would allow them to keep using HF.  We need to show that we care about the safety of our community, and want them to phase out this deadly chemical.

A major release of HF from the Torrance PBF refinery, or the Wilmington Valero refinery, could kill or injure thousands, if not a hundred thousand people, depending on which way the wind was blowing.

For AQMD meeting place, email or .

For more information about community danger, see .

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