Public Health Dept Supports Banning MHF at Refineries

By Steve Dillow, Conservation Committe Co-Chair

On April 2, the LA County Department of Public Health sent a letter to the SCAQMD urging them to phase out MHF as soon as possible. This public agency offered the following conclusion:

“Field tests and experience from other major chemical incidents suggest that evacuation zones in response to an MHF release could extend up to ten miles from the refinery…potentially [putting] millions of people at risk…Other refineries in California have demonstrated that it is economically and technologically feasible to use safer alternatives and the only two refineries that still rely on MHF are…located in Los Angeles County. Continued transportation, storange and use of MHF at these refineries present a substantial and needless risk to surrounding communities. Public Health urges…a phase-out of MHF as soon as possible.”

But there is still a LOT to do to make this happen. Please join in by either showing up at the next AQMD Refinery Committee meeting, or writing a letter of support. You can do that by signing onto the TRAA website and follow the link under “What can you do?

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