Strike a Blow Against Plastic Pollution

Reduce and reuse, because recycling is broken.


  Bring your own bottle — not necessarily booze. Carry your own filtered tap water so you can politely turn down offers of water in plastic bottles from friends and business associates.

 Bring your own bags. You already bring large sacks when you shop for groceries. You can also bring smaller bags for produce and bulk items like rice and granola.

Bring your own box. Bring a reusable plastic box (Tupperware or the like) when you get take-out or want to take home half of that extra-large restaurant meal.


Bring your own utensils and cup when you eat at casual places that offer plastic U&C

Go Solid

Ditch the liquid soap. Get bar soap wrapped in paper instead of the liquid in all those plastic bottles.

Try a solid shampoo ball.

Get a bar of laundry detergent. No, you don’t have to get a washboard and scrub your clothes with the bar. Just let it dissolve in a gallon of water.

You can find some of these things in your own home or grocery store. Others you can order online, or better yet, buy locally. These products and more are available at The Waste Less Shop in Manhattan Beach. If you know of other local stores like this, let the editor know.

Photo by Eva Cicoria


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