Zoltan Stroll

It is with great sadness that we inform our members of the passing of Zoltan Stroll, a member of the Palos Verdes-South Bay Sierra Club for more than 20 years.  He was an avid hiker with our group and became a leader in 2010. He also served on the Executive Committee and was our Treasurer for more than two years.  His hiking experiences took him far beyond the South Bay as he trekked to Patagonia, the Alps, the Canadian Rockies and Yosemite’s High Sierra camps and Sedona with his friends.  Zoltan is survived by his loving wife Halina, their two sons and three grandsons. Zoltan, we will really miss you. — Bill Lavoie

Some months ago, Zoltan stopped by for a hike. Since I have done the Hermosa Beach Tuesday night hike hundreds of times, I suggested we follow that route. I explained to Zoltan that a handful of hikers follow a tradition of slapping a certain tree on Tennyson Place while proclaiming “Whack a tree!”.
Being the sport he was, with a much underrated sense of humor, he readily complied. Here’s photographic proof of that moment. — Corey Cohn

Corey also supplied these pictures.

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