Virtual Happy Hour: Center of Life

Paul Blieden is a photographer who loves walking in nature. At Madrona Marsh about six months ago, he used the macro function on his Canon 24-70mm lens for the first time to document insects up close. Fine. Then one day at South Coast Botanic Garden he trained the macro function on a flower. Suddenly, the intimate view revealed the center of life. He saw the sex organs of the flower, the pistil and stamen, and learned a new way to see flowers. He noticed the beauty, the uniqueness, the variety of shapes and colors at the flowers’ center. He captured so many new and intriguing images that he created a virtual gallery: “Center of Life.”

Paul guides you through the gallery and shows you some of avian wildlife that visit the botanic garden.

This program has already occurred. Watch the recording. Passcode: 0?6hGRpw

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