Get Trained in Wilderness First Aid

A two-day Wilderness First Aid Course (WFAC) will be held on Saturday May 14 and Sunday May 15 in Fullerton.

The Saturday class will be indoors, with skills exercises in an outdoor courtyard. The Sunday class will be outdoors in a park. Both Saturday and Sunday sessions will have COVID precautions including masks and appropriate spacing (spacing will be necessarily reduced during skills exercises). Every student will be lead rescuer on one 25-minute simulation with 1:1 instructor supervision. No other two-day wilderness first aid course in Southern California offers this. Meals and overnight camping are not provided. The course fee is $160. A recent student said the following about the two-day WFAC –

“This 16-hour course rivaled any 24-hour course I have taken.”

When submitting your application for the course, please include –

1)            proof of hands-on CPR instruction (within the past 5 years) and

2)            proof of COVID vaccination

A syllabus and other useful information can be found on the WFAC website at

The National Sierra Club requirements for running a lodge event (i.e., three-day WFAC at Harwood Lodge) under COVID precautions are still under development and will not be available until later this spring. For Fall 2022, we will offer either a three-day WFAC at Harwood or a two-day course with additional Zoom lectures that will meet the Angeles Chapter Leadership requirement (I,M,E ratings) for a 24-hour course. 

If you wish to take a three-day WFA course before next fall and are willing pay extra, please see the three-day Extended WFA course offered by Adventure Risk Management at

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