A Mammoth Good Time

After a two-year hiatus the PV-SB Group’s Mammoth bus trip returned in triumph this September (despite a flash flood that disrupted roads on the way back). We good hikers took it in stride; it was all part of a wonderful four-day adventure. We’d enjoyed the cool weather and managed to dodge most of the raindrops.

A brief description of one day’s hike: This 8.4 mile loop hike, starts at 10,080’.and loops through a chain of crystalline alpine lakes, with views of Shepherd Crest, Mount Conness and the Conness Glacier. Be prepared for beauty. 

Many thanks to leaders Minoo Hart and Terri Straub, as well as co-leader Emile Fiesler who enjoyed the able assistance of his daughter Veda.

Photos by Judy Herman, except last one (woman in purple jacket) by Janice Ling

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