What is the ExCom Anyway?

You may have heard them term “ExCom” bandied about at Sierra Club events. You may even have been urged to join it. But what is it?

It stands for Executive Committee, not to be confused with “ex-con.” It’s the officers of the group, plus a few others, who keep the PV-SB Group going. Find their names, faces and contact info here.

Members of the ExCom focus on different aspects of our mission, including:

  *Making sure we’re exploring and enjoying by coordinating with hike and outings leaders.

  * Taking action on local environmental issues, such as the Torrance Refinery, the AES Power Plant and the landslide mitigation plans in Rancho Palos Verdes (which affect the nature preserve where we hike on Monday nights). Actions include writing letters to agencies and to newspapers, speaking at meetings and commenting on environmental impact reports.

*Interviewing and endorsing candidates for local public office who care about our environment.

 *Educating the public and recruiting new members at public events and through our newsletter (yes, the one you’re reading now).

Find out what’s really going on. All Sierra Club members are welcome to attend the meetings on the first Wednesday of each month at 7:00 pm. You can comment, ask questions or offer suggestions, but only members may vote. Call a member for the Zoom link.

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