Could You Edit the Foggy View?

Dear readers,

After six years of editing the Foggy View, I’m stepping down. Over the years I’ve made the editor’s job easier by finding great volunteer help. We have a wonderful communications team that can be relied upon to write engaging and relevant articles on nature and environmental issues. Our new copy editor is a wiz at laying out for print and at posting online. So, now the editor’s job boils down to attending the monthly online ExCom meetings to get ideas about issues that are cropping up, assigning the articles (usually to a member of the communications team, but also sometimes to an ExCom member or outside expert) and, with the help of the copy editor, editing them for space, clarity and accuracy.

Could you edit the Foggy View? Of course you could! Think you might be interested? Give me a call or a text, 310-951-7235, and we can talk about it. I’ll be available to train and support the new editor, though they may have a completely new vision for the FV.

Looking forward to some good changes,


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