See a Reggie? Tell the Dept. of Fish and Wildlife

By Gwendolyn Henry

Have you ever seen or encountered wildlife and wanted to report it to CDFW online? You can using the Wildlife Incident Reporting (WIR) system! Reports made using the WIR system aid CDFW’s research and add to statistics on wildlife reports. If you have difficulty (such as wildlife getting into trash cans) or concerns about a wild animal, these can also be reported using the WIR.

Seabirds, owl & hawk or falcon nests, raccoons, fox, mule deer, bear, coyote, salamanders, lizards, snakes, any creatures would be greatly appreciated.

Remember Reggie the famous alligator in Machado Lake? If you see another, Reggie… definitely call it in.

When a report is submitted, the system will send it to a CDFW staff member based on the type of encounter that was reported and the location of the incident. Sightings will be recorded for statistical purposes and record keeping. If the encounter was regarding a concern about wildlife, a CDFW biologist will review it and can contact you with information on how to address the concern.

Each year, CDFW receives more than 5,000 reports through the WIR system which is an excellent option for those who prefer to contact CDFW online rather than by phone.

Be sure to bookmark this link for future wildlife reporting: 

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