Palos Verdes-South Bay Sierra Club

Category: Urban development

Raptor Rapture

Volunteers tracking individual raptor nests over years build a picture of how human activity is impacting wildlife.

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A Plea to Prevent a Plastic-tastophe at the Port

Prudent planning can slow the flow of plastic into the harbor.

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A Breakthrough for the Future of the Redondo Beach Power Plant Site

By Dave Wiggins, Conservation Co-Chair For over 20 years, Sierra Club members in and around Redondo Beach have fought hard to ensure that the eventual closure of the city’s seaside power plant would lead to the restoration of the historic…

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Room for a View — For Now

By Dean Francois, Group Political Chair As you walk down Hermosa Beach’s Pier Avenue Public Plaza, you still can see a vast expanse of the ocean, which, for now at least, has been saved. Developers proposed to build a large…

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Cadiz Plan Threatens Desert Wildlife and South Bay Drinking Water

By John Monsen, Angeles Chapter Water Committee Cadiz, Inc. is a corporate water speculator proposing one of the most destructive projects ever conceived for our Southern California deserts. Defying logic and ignoring the damage it would cause, Cadiz plans to…

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CenterCal ‘Shopping Mall by the Sea’ Stymied in Court

  By David Wiggins, Conservation Co-chair On May 11, 2018, the Los Angeles Superior Court issued a 103-page proposed decision ordering the City of Redondo Beach to revise and re-issue the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the massive shopping center…

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