Miraleste Trails Hike

By Steven Morris

This is a moderate hike through wooded valleys on obvious trails. The hike is 5.5 miles long, with 800-foot gain, taking 2.5 hours. This hike includes the Canada, Lorraine, Via La Paloma, Frasceti and Colinita Trails. Wear lug sole boots and bring a snack and water.

Begin at the parking lot of Peck Park in San Pedro. The entrance to Peck Park is at the southeast corner of Western Ave. and W. Crestwood St. Cross Western Ave and walk up Crestwood.
Turn right on MacArthur Street; turn right on Trotwood Ave.
Turn left on Trudy Drive to end.

Go up stairs, veer right, but do not walk along right-side chain-link fence.
As the path leads downwards, almost immediately take the switchback on the right; cross short wooden bridge; turn left. This is the Canada Trail N.

Walk on right hand side of the valley, eventually reaching an asphalt road. Turn left onto Palos Verdes Dr E. Just before Miraleste Dr, go left and down. Walk on right hand side of valley, on Canada Trail S

When a bridge is in sight, take the upper trail to the right. There is a chain link fence 10 feet to your left and a chain link fence 30 feet to your right.

At barrier at the end of the road, take trail on the left, leaving road behind. You are on the Lorraine Trail.

Walk past travertine wall on the right. Cross Miraleste Drive; hike along Via Colinita (going north).

After 50 yards, turn right onto the Siena Loop, before you get to Via La Paloma.
Trail divides, stay on main part of the trail on the left, near canyon. Do not hike up to the white houses, but veer left.

Take trial back again along the other side of the canyon.
This is the Via La Paloma Trail.

When you get to the road, middle of the switchback, take left hand side downwards. At Via Colinita turn right.

150 yards later, take the Frascati Trail (first opening on your right.) When you get to the creek crossing turn right and go upwards to end.

You are at the intersection of Palos Verdes Dr East and Via Frascati.
Go left on PVDE, cross Via Colinita.
At the La Vista Verde sign on R, just beyond 4524 PVDE, take the Colinita Trail on left going down.

Cross the road and turn right. Do not travel along the Sierra Loop.
You are on Via Colinita. Cross Miraleste Dr; continue along Via Colinita
Turn left at end, walk along Enrose Ave. Turn right onto Summerland St
At end, take lane down to Western.
You can turn left to your car, or do a tour of Peck Park.

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