PV-SB Outings Leaders

Photo by Suliman Sallehi on Pexels.com


O – Applies to a variety of uncomplicated outings (i.e. city walks, bike rides, trail hikes, backpacking). May involve simple off trail hiking not requiring navigation skills. Climbing level: Class 1 terrain.

I – Includes outings that involve cross-country travel where navigation is necessary. Rougher ground than “O” outings may be traversed and the use of hands for balance may be necessary. Includes outings that have snow travel or skiing on easy terrain. Climbing level: Class 2 terrain.

M – Includes moderate level climbing ability. On rock, the hands are used for climbing. Some participants may want a safety belay. On snow, safety dictates the use of ice axes and the ability to self-arrest. climbing level: Class 3 terrain.

Chris AlbersonO310-848-0731
Frank AtkinI310-378-5008frank.atkin@cox.net
Terry BassO310-539-8227
Richard BoardmanM310-374-4371
Barry BonnicksonO310-519-0778
Dennis BoschO310-328-3874
Steve BradfordO310-993-5501
Sharon BrossierO310-376-1416
Brooks ChadwickO310-544-0600XCSkiers@earthlink.net
Dorie ChadwickO310-544-0600XCSkiers@earthlink.net
Arlene ChaoO310-541-3902
Michael DillenbackI310-378-7495
Sandy GrahamO714-282-5661
Minoo HartO310-375-3340
Galen HalseyO310-918-0583
Dave HixsonO310-676-8848
Barry HolchinM310-378-3780
Donna LauckO310-541-4416
Bill LavoieO310-378-8723
Beth Powis MartinI310-683-9224
Keith MartinM310-683-9224keithwmartin@sbcglobal.net
Jacques MonierO310-320-1249jmonier784@gmail.com
Steven MorrisO310-530-8708
Mary Beth OubreO310-640-8386
Paul RosenbergerO310-545-3531
Kevin SchluneggerO619-804-6616kevin.schlune@gmail.com
Kent SchwitkisI310-540-5558schwitkii@earthlink.net
Judy ShaneO310-379-1111judyshane@aol.com
Ray SimmonsO310-291-1038TicTaxPro@gmail.com
Terri StraubO310-544-5017
Linda WerkO310-686-9976lwerk@brookskushman.com
Joyce WhiteO310-383-5247joyceborzoo@yahoo.com

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