Palos Verdes-South Bay Sierra Club


Redondo Beach City Council Votes for Green Power

RUHS students, including Rylee Goldfarb (l) and Madison Wilmes (r), helped turn the tide.

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Want restored wetlands and a park to replace the Redondo Beach Power Plant?

Testify before the Water Board on Oct. 17.

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State allows power plants to continue harmful cooling method

By Melanie Cohen, Environmental Co-Chair In 2010, after decades of complaints from environmentalists, California water regulators ordered 19 coastal power plants to phase out a cooling process that is blamed for killing billions of marine organisms every year. In “once-through…

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A Breakthrough for the Future of the Redondo Beach Power Plant Site

By Dave Wiggins, Conservation Co-Chair For over 20 years, Sierra Club members in and around Redondo Beach have fought hard to ensure that the eventual closure of the city’s seaside power plant would lead to the restoration of the historic…

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