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Mitigation measures won’t stop deadly HF, says Chemical Safety Board

The SCAQMD failed the community too, but there’s still hope By Steve Dillow, Conservation Co-Chair Following the June explosion at a Philadelphia refinery, which caused it to permanently close, our local refinery spokesman bragged that it proved that their mitigation…

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AQMD Bows to Industry, Says No HF Ban

On June 22, the AQMD Refinery Committee voted 3-2 to allow tons of toxic volatile hydrogen fluoride (HF) to remain at two local refineries, Torrance PBF and Wilmington Valero. The refineries will add more water sprays, pumps, sensors, and video…

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Links of Interest

The South Coast Air Quality Management District’s Republican-controlled refinery committee voted 3-2 to support an industry-backed alternative. Los Angeles Times Bald eagle chick webcam Daily News The clean cars you don’t see in TV ads Daily News

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Public Health Dept Supports Banning MHF at Refineries

By Steve Dillow, Conservation Committe Co-Chair On April 2, the LA County Department of Public Health sent a letter to the SCAQMD urging them to phase out MHF as soon as possible. This public agency offered the following conclusion:

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Deadly MHF: David v. Goliath

By Steve Goldsmith, TRAA   The campaign to remove Hydrogen Fluoride (HF) from two South Bay refineries took a new turn at the Feb. 1 Southern Calif. Air Quality Management (SCAQMD) Board meeting. Been following this David-and-Goliath baLle? Then you…

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Join Us to Halt the Toxic Threat

By Al Sattler, Group Chair A crucial meeting of the AQMD Board will be held Friday morning Feb. 1 in Diamond Bar.  We need as many people as possible to attend this meeting to tell the board that we want…

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