Palos Verdes-South Bay Sierra Club


The Thunderbird Rises:

The California condor is the largest land bird in North America.

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California Brown Pelican: Mysterious Deaths Despite DDT Ban

The continuing saga of the California brown pelican. Photo: Beverly Gates

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Up Against the Wall

By Judy Herman and Melanie Cohen Children torn from their mothers’ arms, caged and left to sleep on concrete floors where bright lights glare around the clock. You’ve heard how the current U.S. border policy tramples human rights, but do…

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Seizing Smugglers’ Skins and Other Wild Tales, July 24 Quarterly Meeting

July 24 Wed 7pm Quarterly Meeting. Before you buy that travel souvenir, listen up. Inspector Ali Ventura will tell us how US Fish and Wildlife recovers endangered species, supports migratory birds, preserves  habitat, safeguards fisheries, combats invasive species, and promotes …

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