Palos Verdes-South Bay Sierra Club


Exploring Costa Rica with the Sierra Club

A small country with tremendous biodiversity

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What did I see? What did I smell?: The Lives of Darkling Beetles

What’s that dark, shiny thing crawling under the buckwheat?

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Could You Edit the Foggy View?

Care about the environment? Got communication skills? Edit the Foggy View!

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Better Bluffs Bring Back Blue Butterflies

Close up photo of the el Segundo blue butterfly by Eva Cicoria.

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Resilience in the Face of Natural Disasters

Solar panels helped a Florida community retain power after a hurricane. Can they do the same in earthquake country? Photo: Henrik Kam.

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The Island Fox: The Little Mammal with the Big Job

A distinct subspecies of island fox developed on each of six California Channel Islands. Photo: Santa Cruz Island Foxes. Paul Blieden

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