Weekly Hikes

Weekly Conditioning Hikes

Hikes resume Thursday, July 8, 2021.

The PV-SB Group offers weekly evening conditioning hikes. For up-to-date details, including meeting locations and times, always be sure to check

Current Activities Calendar.

Monday Night – O: Conditioning Hike in Rancho Palos Verdes

Slow Moderate 2 hr, 4-6 Mile Hike.  Not for beginners. Hike the trails of the Palos Verdes Nature Preserve, including Portuguese Bend Reserve, Filiorum Reserve, and some streets.  Some steep trails.  Only one group.  

Tuesday Night – O: San Pedro/PV Conditioning Hike

Slow/moderate 2 hr, 5-8 mi hikes on flat/hilly streets/trails to explore fauna/terrain in San Pedro/PV. 

Tuesday Night – O: Hermosa/Manhattan Beach Beginners Conditioning Hike

Moderate 1.5 hr, 4 mi hike on the greenbelt and hilly streets of Hermosa Beach and Manhattan Beach. 

Thursday Night – O: Conditioning Hike on Palos Verdes Peninsula

Strenuous 2 hr, 5-8 mi conditioning hike on flat/hilly streets/trails that emphasizes flora/terrain of PV. 

Weekend hikes

The PV-SB Group usually hosts a weekend hike, most often on Saturdays. Meeting locations vary. See the Current Activities Calendar.

[Header image: Hikers in Portuguese Bend Reserve. Copyright © Judy Herman, all rights reserved]
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