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From The Foggy View

Raptor Rapture

Volunteers tracking individual raptor nests over years build a picture of how human activity is impacting wildlife.

California Brown Pelican: Mysterious Deaths Despite DDT Ban

The continuing saga of the California brown pelican. Photo: Beverly Gates

California Fires: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Some conifers need fire to propagate, but climate change makes fires too frequent and destructive.

Save $ While Helping Save the Planet

  Considering solar panels, an electric car or energy-efficient appliances? Now’s the time. The Inflation Reduction Act offers tax breaks on devices that help slow climate change. Photo: Electric vehicles-U.S. Department of Energy-2010-public domain 

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Earth Day Round-up

Local Earth Day events in April provided an opportunity to recruit new Sierra Club members. The South Bay Parkland Conservancy’s celebration in Redondo Beach’s Wilderness Park offered an array of food and activities, including an overnight camp out. Though they…

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A Plea to Prevent a Plastic-tastophe at the Port

Prudent planning can slow the flow of plastic into the harbor.

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