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The Foggy View News

Read the The Foggy View, newsletter of the Palos Verdes-South Bay Group with the Angeles Chapter of the Sierra Club.

From The Foggy View

Exploring Costa Rica with the Sierra Club

A small country with tremendous biodiversity

What did I see? What did I smell?: The Lives of Darkling Beetles

What’s that dark, shiny thing crawling under the buckwheat?

Could You Edit the Foggy View?

Care about the environment? Got communication skills? Edit the Foggy View!

Better Bluffs Bring Back Blue Butterflies

Close up photo of the el Segundo blue butterfly by Eva Cicoria.

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Resilience in the Face of Natural Disasters

Solar panels helped a Florida community retain power after a hurricane. Can they do the same in earthquake country? Photo: Henrik Kam.

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Save $ While Helping Save the Planet

  Considering solar panels, an electric car or energy-efficient appliances? Now’s the time. The Inflation Reduction Act offers tax breaks on devices that help slow climate change. Photo: Electric vehicles-U.S. Department of Energy-2010-public domain 

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