Palos Verdes South Bay Sierra Club Meetings


Learn about our social and educational get-togethers and monthly Executive Committee meetings.

The Foggy View News

Read the The Foggy View, newsletter of the Palos Verdes-South Bay Group with the Angeles Chapter of the Sierra Club.

Palos Verdes Hikers with Golden Cliffs and Ocean - Judy Herman

Suggested Local Hike Routes

While we don’t offer group hikes currently, explore these scenic hikes on your own until we can meet again! Have photos from these routes? Send them to

From The Foggy View

We’re Back! Check Details Here.

In-person activities resume.

Toxic Clouds on the Horizon; The HF Threat Continues

This time it’s in Texas.

Can Ocean Farming Help Feed the Earth’s Booming Population? Pt. 2

Aquaculture is one answer to feeding the Earth’s burgeoning population.

Along the Path TREES PLEASE

Trees have an underground network.

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Virtual Happy Hour: Center of Life

Photographer Paul Blieden reveals the secret world at the center of a flower.

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Along the Path: Our Prickly Neighbors and Their Friends

An introduction to the cacti down the street

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