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Read the The Foggy View, newsletter of the Palos Verdes-South Bay Group with the Angeles Chapter of the Sierra Club.

Palos Verdes Hikers with Golden Cliffs and Ocean - Judy Herman

Suggested Local Hike Routes

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From The Foggy View

What Lies Beneath

Decades of legal and illegal dumping off the Palos Verdes coast have left a toxic legacy.

Breaking The Ice With Dr. Steven Morris

The South Pole during the eight months of winter is a cross between a luxury resort and a prison camp.

Fabulous, Fantastic Feathers

From T. rex to hummingbirds, feathers are more than just fluff.

Chasing Arrows Lead You Astray

Plastic waste has become a global crisis, but recycling is complicated.

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Lies Cost Lives

Millions living in the vicinity of two South Bay refineries are at risk from massive amounts of highly toxic hydrogen fluoride.

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